Kwesi + Denise Wedding

Of all the lovely wedding dresses I have seen over the years, this bride’s stunning and elaborate dress may take the cake. On top of that, not to be outdone by his beautiful bride, the groom’s suit was stunning in its own right, making this photoshoot of the elegant new couple an absolute delight. This pink, ivory, and navy blue themed wedding gives you all the feels!

Not only was this stunningly beautiful couple married at the Carnegie Institute of Science, in DC, but they also took some breathtaking portraits at the WWII Memorial.


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Derek + Kyla Wedding

Derrick and Kyla’s wedding had a beautiful setting near Phoenix, AZ. With the outdoor ceremony near sundown, I was able to capture amazing photos of the bride and groom on their special day, capturing the spirit of the bride’s wildlife conservation interest and the groom’s love of the outdoors.


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Chris + Vertqunese Wedding

Vert’s pop of color-matched Chris’s bubbly personality in this fun and imaginative wedding. There was not a dull moment at this couple’s wedding in a beautiful vineyard of Simi Valley, CA. You are in for a real treat seeing Chris remove the garter with his teeth!

Yes…he did that! *love*

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Johnnie + Sunita Wedding

When Johnnie and Sunita told me that they were having a beach front wedding at the infamous Adamson House in Malibu, CA I was over the moon with excitement. It’s one of my favorite venues. You might be able to tell that I have a mild obsession with ring shots, they are my second most favorite thing to shoot (couples being #1 of course). 


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